Where does all the time go?!

Another busy year passes and a new one flies into action….
As I write this I have already finished harvesting my willow back in January, much of it has been used or sold in my many workshops,baskets, coffins etc.
Cuttings are becoming more popular this year.
Hurdle making is almost at an end.
I am pleased to say that of last years 100+ bundles only a few remain.
Shortly after harvesting I got stuck into all the living willow jobs and have created some new domes and tunnels. Maintaining the older ones too is important and I love seeing how they are growing.I had hoped to get some time in for me to create new things in the workshop this spring but an epic order from a restaurant in Leicester for 16 very large colourful light shades came in and took over. Swiftly followed by a run of 3 coffins.
 Last year was crammed full of interesting and exciting jobs like the 25m woven decorative fence at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel and woven bodices for a lady in Edinburgh, the huge willow balls and retro chairs that I barely had time t
o get
creative,this year I hope be different!!
Check out myFacebook page for pictures.



This year I am running the bulk of my weaving workshops in The Tithe Barn at Usk Castle, Monmouthshire. From February through to December there are a wide and varied selection of willow and basketmaking activities to suit most tastes.
These workshops have proved enormously popular and the last 3 have sold out and the next 2 are also fully booked.
I am running an extra day of sculpture weaving due to popular demand on the 16th July from 10-am-4pm. Please get in touch for more details.
Autumn courses will resume after my summer of festivals on the 28th September
with a willow coffin making workshop which takes 4 days.
Following this harvest baskets on the 8th October,hedgerow basketmaking on the 12th November and Christmas decorations on the 3rd December.
Look at the WORKSHOPS page for more info.
There are a new selection of willow workshops in the autumn at Humble by Nature and another sculpture weaving workshop at The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire.
Coming up in the next few months I will be demonstrating and running weaving workshops at Glastonbury Festival of Music and Performing Arts amonGst many others. All my events can be found on my google calendar.

In my spare time I will be cracking on with preparing for the next lightshade order of 22.There are many basket commissions to squeeze in along with large circular seats, more of my hanging chairs, and sculptures.
Gift Vouchers are available for all of my workshops and baskets and I will happily make baskets as gifts if required.

IMG_1348 (Medium)

I continue to teach wherever I am invited to go and am available for tuition for group bookings. Weaving Hen do’s are becoming increasingly popular for the natural alternative to a prolapse in Cardiff!! For this I hire out my 16ft yurt and or my 12mx8m big tent with open sides. Please get in touch for prices and more details.

aIMG_1510 (Medium)

Locally The Abergavenny Chronicle is looking at funeral alternatives and hopefully Wyldwoodwillow will have an editorial this month.

When the weather warms up one of the things I am most looking forward to is the peaceful warm days when I can sit in the doorway of the workshop weaving beautiful new things with the fantastic coloured willows given to me by Jay. Looking out on beautiful fresh green pastures with Flash and Tally and the sunshine looking in!

Have a great year