2015-05-14 10.06.18 (Medium)The last few months have been chaotic finishing the willow harvesting in time and getting living willow commissions finished. I have built a large living willow yurt for some very lovely people on the side of The Blorenge about a month ago. Please see my Facebook page for pictures.

I recently made a square basket so large it takes 2 people to move it. Almost got blown away at the Glastonbury Medieval Fair last weekend a great event which happens every Easter in the grounds of The Glastonbury Abbey.2015-06-16 16.23.27 (Medium)
This month I am teaching 2 more peaframe and hurdle workshops in Somerset and on the Isle of Wight and then getting stuck in to using all the willow I have harvested. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any cuttings.

There will be more workshops happening at Oak Farm, Gwehelog on 7th and 8th of May willow sculpture on the 7th and shopping basketmaking on the 8th. Please contact me for more details. Also garden willow trug making on June 4th.

After that I will be demonstrating and running weaving workshops at Glastonbury Festival of Music and Performing Arts amonst many others.Nearly all my applications are in now so very soon I will be putting all the events wyldwoodwillow will be attending this summer on my the events page.
2015-04-26 16.22.12 (Medium)Coming up next I want to finish weaving the 2nd and 3rd woven spheres for a client in Monmouthshire which will be human size – transporting them will be fun!
Many basket commissions to squeeze in along with large circular seats, more of my hanging chairs, and sculptures.

In my spare time I will be applying for shows and planning and running weaving workshops. Gift Vouchers are available for all of my workshops and I will happily make baskets as gifts if required.

IMG_1348 (Medium)All the above workshops are also offered with me at Humble by Nature if you are keen but cannot make any of the above dates.

I continue to teach wherever I am invited to go and am available for tuition. Currently as well as running regular workshops here in Wales I also teach on the Isle of Wight,
Somerset and in Dorset. The latter being for Joe’o’Leary for his company Wilderness Survival skills. This year I have been asked by Joe to help out on some of the other  bushcraft courses where I  hope to further my knowledge and skills.

In April I have the pleasure of visiting Joe Hogan again in the west of Ireland – thanks to an amazing bursary I received from the worshipful company of basketmakers. Definitely a busman’s holiday and much welcome break.

Spring will roll into summer and I will be at many festivals aIMG_1510 (Medium)cross the country to share the skills of weaving once again with a willing,friendly and  helpful team of helpers. See events page to find out where and when.

Later in the year some of my baskets may feature in Modern Rustic -The Country Living yearbook.

When the weather warms up one of the things I am most looking forward to is the peaceful warm days when I can sit in the doorway of the workshop weaving beautiful new things with the fantastic coloured willows given to me by Jay. Looking out on beautiful fresh green pastures with Tegan and Ros and the sunshine looking in!

Have a great year