Wyldwood Willow vacation time

Wyldwood Willow Vacation Time


I am currently away on holiday for a month, so except for booking places on my weaving workshops and the online tutorials, my Wyldwood Willow shop will be temporarily shut from 22nd January until 26th February 2024. Feel free to browse the store but any orders for willow products and kits will not be processed until I return.  I will be open for business again from 26th February. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it will be safest to place your order for Willow items after that date.

Artisanal willow weaving

Learn to weave with Amanda Rayner, award-winning willow weaver with over two decades of craftsmanship under her belt.

Collection of Willow Baskets by Wyldwood Willow

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Become a willow weaver

Learn willow weaving with Amanda Rayner. Amanda teaches live workshops throughout the year in various places around the United Kingdom. Get hands on in small groups with plenty of guidance to provide you with confidence and deep understanding of the craft. Workshops are available for all experience levels and range from weaving a willow coffin to creating willow hearts.

Upcoming workshops

Become a willow weaver at home

Get grounded in nature, by learning the traditional craft of willow weaving. Begin by creating willow decorations like stars and advance to willow basketry and beyond!

If you prefer learning at your own pace from the comfort of your own home Amanda has a series of weaving masterclasses and willow kits available, so you can explore willow weaving from anywhere!


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Meet the Maker

Meet Amanda Rayner, founder of Wyldwood Willow and seasoned artisan of willow weaving. With a creative spirit that knows no bounds, Amanda crafts everything from practical willow baskets and serene coffins to breathtaking artistic sculptures and living garden structures.

Her creations are not just pieces; they are expressions of her artistry and the natural world. With meticulous attention to detail, she weaves beauty into every strand, turning humble willow into extraordinary works of art.

Amanda's talents are available year-round, and she welcomes commissions that challenge her creativity and skills. If you have a vision in mind, Amanda will work closely with you to bring it to life, weaving your dreams into reality.

Bring your home and garden to life with Wyldwood Willow


Please note I am currently away on holiday and the Wyldwood Willow Shop is temporarily closed from 22nd January until 25th February orders for willow products will not be processed between those dates. I will be open for business again from 26th February. Sorry for any inconvenience and feel free to browse items , but it will be safest to place your order for Willow items after that date.

Traditional willow crafts with a modern twist. Choose from a beautiful range of one-of-a-kind, handmade, natural willow baskets for daily use or home and gardenware. These are ideal for interior and exterior decor. Willow basketry makes for the perfect gift too!

A small selection of items available are featured below.

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2 weeks ago

Wyldwood Willow
It's been a whirlwind 2 weeks! The time is passing fast, but the days are slow...it's amazing to think we still have another glorious 14 days on this beautiful island... Palawan in the Philipines.There are baskets and weavings everywhere. It's hard to only select 10 pics - these probably describe it best- the food Is delicious. Snorkeling is awesome on the coral reefs. The houses made of bamboo are feat of engineering. Food is growing in abundance and the fresh fish caught for dinner- something else!!! Wild dogs everywhere, wild pigs digging up crabs on the beach for a snack! Little children shouting hello with lovely wide smiles. I love this crazy place. El Nido is busy and thriving... but I still feel myself unwinding, recharging and relaxing in the heat... It's definitely good for the bones! I will be straight back into it on my return, with the willow harvesting,workshops and commissions. But right now, a coffee by the beach and a kayaking day I think... love.abd warmth to you all xx ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Wyldwood Willow
Today has been mostly spent packaging up this 36" beast of a dog basket, willow flowers,baskets and copious willow kits to go with my weaving tutorials all purchased through my online shop www.wyldwoodwillow.co.ukI am on holiday for a month now so except for weaving workshops and the online tutorials the shop will be temporarily shut. I will return from the Philipines and be open for business again after the 25th February.January has been a crazy month workwise and ive been all over the place teaching and planting living willow domes and tunnels and doing site visits,giving quotes and weaving commissiond as yet I've managed absolutely no willow harvesting - thete has not been a January in my 25 years of weaving where I haven't harvested yet!!! so that will be my first job on my return, see you on the other side friends 🧡 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Wyldwood Willow
It's been a wonderful 3 days of weaving workshop here in Usk. These lovely people have made beautiful baskets of many shapes and sizes and have hopefully developed skills, confidence and overall a deeper love of all things willow! #willow #baskets #basket#willowweaving #willowweavingworkshop #willowweavingworkshops #weaving #willowbackpack #foragingbasket #framebaskets #logbasket #logbaskets #assymetricbasket #madebyyou #madeinmonmouthshire #locallymade #handmade #willowhearts #valentine #valentines #valentineshearts #valentinesheart #wyldwoodwillow ... See MoreSee Less
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