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Following the loss of my own child back in 2001​, I found that funeral arrangements for alternative minded people in the South West were, at that time, severely lacking. Green burial sites were thin on the ground and supplies of sustainably produced coffins were few and far between. Consequently, I found a private burial site for my daughter and decided to make her a coffin with my own hands. This was the birth of Wyldwood Willow.

Today, an increasing number of people are looking for a simpler alternative to wooden coffins. My wicker coffins provide a beautiful, handmade solution. They are suitable for any type of burial or cremation, but particularly natural burials.

My coffins are designed to be used for other purposes during your lifetime. Because of their aesthetically pleasing shape I would like to encourage you to feel you could use them in your own home. This way you benefit from their use before you die and your family would have one less thing to think about when you have gone. I realise this takes courage and much forward thinking but I hope you will agree that a basket this beautiful deserves to be seen and used more than once.

My willow coffins can be made using buff (chestnut coloured) willow or white willow on their own, or in conjunction with green or steamed (chocolate brown). I also have a wide variety of coloured willow which I cut myself from a large, unsprayed and pesticide free crop.

Each coffin is unique and individually made to order.  I can incorporate other natural materials that may be personal to the person whose life is being celebrated. Please bear in mind that lead in time for coffins is 5 days to make and 2 for delivery.

My coffins are provided lined or unlined. Lined coffins come with a good quality, waterproof cotton liner. However, if you choose the unlined option you are able to find a suitable covering that has personal significance if possible.

I can supply coffins anywhere (appropriate shipping charges will apply - typical courier charges in the UK are around £80 in 2018), but many of my coffins are used locally at Usk Castle Chase Burial Meadow. This a business co-run by Leedam and Rosie Humphreys of Usk Castle. Rosie also hires out the Castle grounds for weddings and events.

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