• Wyldwood Willow Living Willow Dome

I create many different designs for living willow structures including play equipment, standard and decorative fencing, arbours, domes and tunnels, willow hurdles, pea frames, obelisks and flower supports.

I run a large, pesticide free willow bed in conjunction with Jay Abrams from Biologic Design. As well as harvesting this willow for my own use I also sell living willow cuttings from the bed each spring.

Contact me if you are interested in ordering a bespoke garden structure, fencing, or you would like to buy willow cuttings.

Wicker Garden Wigwam Wyldwood Willow
Wicker Spheres Balls
Wicker Dome Shelter
Willow Monster
Wicker Bodice
Wicker Garden Fence
Willow Sculpture
Woven Willow Fence