Where does all the time go?

Another busy year passes and a new one flies into action….

As I write this I have already finished harvesting my willow back in January, much of it has been used or sold in my many workshops, baskets, coffins etc.  Cuttings are becoming more popular this year.

Hurdle making is almost at an end. I am pleased to say that of last years 100+ bundles only a few remain.

Shortly after harvesting I got stuck into all the living willow jobs and have created some new domes and tunnels. Maintaining the older ones too is important and I love seeing how they are growing.

I had hoped to get some time in for me to create new things in the workshop this spring but a contract for a 5m willow dragon and fencing came in followed by an order from a restaurant in Leicester for 16 very large colourful light shades, swiftly followed by a run of 3 coffins.

Last year was crammed full of interesting and exciting jobs like the 25m woven decorative fence at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel and woven bodices for a lady in Edinburgh, I’ve also created these huge willow balls and retro chairs. I’m looking forward to getting even more creative this year.

Willow Stems Withy
Wicker Lampshade
Wicker Spheres Balls
Wicker Bodice
Wicker Basket Chair